Courses second round of admissions:

First Semester

  • Introduction to the school retreat and workshop (June 2020!)
  • Basic immunology
  • Workshop, student's choice

Second Semester

  • Retreat - discussions in inflammation (Åre/Trysil/Hemavan)
  • Basic inflammation
  • Translational Medicine in the field of Autoimmunity
  • Ethics in research with focus on Inflammatory diseases (on-line)

Third Semester

  • International conference (Europe)
  • Clinical inflammation (workshop)
  • Workshop/course, epidemiology

Fourth Semester

  • Economic assessment and societal perspective of chronic inflammatory diseases (Workshop retreat)
  • Workshop in Clinical Medicine
  • End of School - retreat with discussions

About Workshops:

An integral part of the School's Curriculum is participation in workshops.

The workshops will be organized as two-day retreats with overnight stay at various conference centers in Sweden. There will be at least two workshops per semester.

Each workshop will consist of two parts; the on-going discussion of our students' research projects with presentations and feedback in a tutorial-style group discussion.

The other half of the workshop will be centered on discussions with invited speakers regarding a current topic of interest in inflammatory diseases.

Examples of workshop - topics are:

  • Introduction to the school
  • Tolerance in autoimmunity
  • Health economy in chronic inflammation
  • Using Swedish registries for epidemiological studies
  • Tools for a systems-biology approach to chronic inflammation
  • Drug development and clinical trials in inflammatory diseases
  • Commercial adaptions of research in inflammation
  • Clinical and experimental rheumatology
  • Non-pharmaceutical therapies in treatment of chronic inflammation and allergies
  • Living with chronic inflammation - perspectives of the patient and the Physician
  • Quality of Life in chronic inflammation, a scientific approach
  • Chronic inflammation and psycho-neurological disorders
  • Career workshop

A day at the clinic (askultering)

Students who wishes, may spend a day alongside a specialist in the clinic meeting patients and participate in other daily activities. This is a great opportunity for students working with laboratory research to get a feel for clinical work. Contact the school for möre information.